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Make A Difference! Join Our Team!


Thank you for your interest in becoming a DreamRoads Personal Success Coach! Personal coaching is one of the most important components of the DreamRoads program.  For this reason we are deliberately selective about recruiting and accepting applicants to join our team. Not everyone who is interested in volunteering to work with young people will be accepted as a DreamRoads Coach.  We are looking for people with certain qualities; able to make the required commitment; able to meet the requirements; and with the desire and willingness to become part of a professional corps of trained DreamRoads Coaches. 

One does not have to have any particular expertise (i.e. be a teacher, school counselor, parent, etc.) to be an effective Coach.  The characteristics we look for are found in a wide variety of people---people of all ages, from all walks of life, all career fields, etc.  We look first for these qualities in those who we invite to be Coaches.  We believe character is innate, whereas skills can be taught. 

Most DreamRoads coaching takes place online using a videoconferencing platform (such as Google Hangouts, Zoom, Blue Jeans, etc.).   In some cases Coaches meet face-to-face with their student(s), most often at their school or youth development organization. 

DreamRoads Coaches are paid a stipend depending upon how many students they’re coaching, how often, experience, etc.  The stipend is meant to be a “thank you” and to instill commitment and professionalism, but don’t plan to retire on it! 


  1. Please read all the parts of our website carefully, including our Mission and Values.  This will give you a good sense of what DreamRoads is about.  If you’re excited about the possibility of becoming a DreamRoads Personal Success Coach, then:


   2. Complete the online application here:


  • Send a resume to or provide the URL for your LinkedIn page if it has a full resume there

    • Be sure to include schools attended (high school, college(s) if applicable), major(s) if applicable, and career experience, as well as any other information you deem to be relevant. 

  3.  Candidates of interest will be contacted by a DreamRoads staff member to  

       arrange a telephone interview.

  4.  Candidates of interest after the initial interview will receive an information

       packet by email which includes Characteristics of Effective DreamRoads  

       Coaches, Commitment Required, Requirements of DreamRoads Coaches,

       Coach’s Role and Responsibilities, stipend payments, and other important        information.  

  • Candidates will be required to affirm that they will keep the information received confidential, and will destroy all copies (digital and printed) within 60 days of receipt. 

  • After reading this packet, candidates still interested will be required to confirm their desire to continue.  A second interview may be scheduled at this time. 

    5.   Candidates offered a position as a DreamRoads Personal Success Coach will

          be added to the pool of registered Coaches and will be contacted when

         assigned to a student group. 

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