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The ABCs of DreamRoads


There are 5 components of the DreamRoads curriculum:

  1. Assessment: Development of Personal Profile

    • Dreams

    • Resources

    • Enthusiasms

    • Attributes

    • Motivations

    • Strengths

  2. Blueprint

    • Planning and Goal-Setting

  3. Coaching

    • Each student has a Personal Success Coach

  4. Developing Assets Needed For Success

  5. Engaging Others

    • Teachers, Parents, Community Members


“Who Am I?”
  • Students understand their individual strengths, how to maximize their potential and achieve long-term happiness and success

  • Students see school as relevant and course content as something important to them; actively looking for connections with their interests and goals for their future.

    • Increased academic engagement, intrinsic motivation, and persistence

    • Better attendance, credit completion, GPAs, and graduation rates

    • Reduced behavior problems​

“What Do I Want My Life To Be?”
  • Students finish high school prepared and inspired to achieve their biggest dreams for themselves. 

  • Students become intentional: motivated, directed, prepared, and moving toward maximizing their potential and realizing their dreams

“What Do I Need To Do To Get There?”
  • Students see school as an “investment” not a “chore”; an important paradigm shift.

  • Students become empowered and proactive; in control of their own learning and path to success

  • Students have identified, and are prepared to succeed in, post-high school plans

  • Students understand the need for, and are practiced in, goal-setting and accountability

  • Students believe their dreams are achievable. With specific goals and a roadmap to their future, they know what to do to achieve their dreams

A dream without a plan is just a wish. 

-Katherine Paterson

Key Elements 


  • Students develop and continuously refine their Personal Profile

Process driven

  • Teaches a lifelong set of skills for self-reflection, goal-setting, and achievement


  • Reviews and reinforces key concepts as students mature


  • Continuously deepens self-understanding with increasingly sophisticated involvement and reflection


  • Maximizes choice and incorporates a variety of activities


  • Accesses a diverse set of learning styles, interests, and abilities


Blended learning: Online lessons combined with classroom activities and facilitated discussion

  • Generally 30 1-hour sessions per semester (2X/week)

  • One coaching session per month, face-to-face or video-conference

  • One Coach assigned to 4 students


There are three phases of the DreamRoads curriculum: 

Discovery  (7th -8th Grades)


Exploration  (9th -10th Grades) 

Focus  (11th -12th Grades)

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