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The key to DreamRoads' success is its unparalleled Personal Coaching.  Coaches act as an independent, objective advocate for each student.  More than mentors, DreamRoads Coaches are specially-trained to support the exploration and development of each student's unique dreams, interests, and talents. 

 DreamRoads Coaches:  

  • Use a detailed discussion guide reinforcing a topic recently explored in the curriculum to focus each coaching session

  • Are trained to use our unique process of questioning to get to the critical underlying dynamic of what is of interest to and motivating each student

  • Use our TRY methodology to debrief students’ experiences and, based on those learnings, recommend next relevant experiences. 

  • Continuously show each student how what they’re learning---both in school and out of school---fits their plans for their future, making learning personally relevant and motivating for each student. 

  • Through structured goal-setting and accountability, empower each student to identify their individual path to success and keep moving toward achieving it


Over time the successful Coaching relationship shifts from being Coach-driven to being student-driven as students become more proactive in managing their individual direction.


Ideally a student has the same Coach through Middle School, and another Coach through high school. Coaches meet with small groups of students (generally 3-4) once a month.  Coaching can take place face-to-face or as a video-conference.

More than any other element of the DreamRoads program it is the student's relationship with their Coach that drives their long-term engagement and keeps them involved in DreamRoads. Relationship, individualized attention and direction, and accountability makes DreamRoads successful.

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