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The following principles guide the actions, interactions, and decisions of the DreamRoads organization and those associated with us:

  • Every person has been gifted with strengths and talents which point to the unique life-purpose intended for each to fulfill in this world.  Thus, each of us is morally obligated to identify our individual gifts, discern our personal path, and pursue our lifelong journey toward maximizing our potential.

  • Success is achievable by anyone. There are a myriad of ways success can be manifested; all of which are to be respected.  We will not impose our personal definition of success on others.

  • Trust is our bedrock.  We operate with the highest integrity in everything we do.

  • All decisions---big and small---are driven by what is in the best interest of the clients we serve.  We go above and beyond to satisfy our customers; exceeding their expectations of us.

  • Live and model "The DreamRoads Way" ourselves by:

    • Recognizing, valuing, and supporting the development of each individual's unique dreams, strengths, and interests

    • Hiring and working with people for whom their work with DreamRoads feeds their passion and capitalizes on their strengths

    • Being focused on strengths, not weaknesses

    • Creating a positive, respectful environment in which to live and work

    • Setting high expectations and being achievement-oriented

  • Our commitment to maximizing one's potential drives us to:

    • Be "Not good but great".  We don't settle for mediocrity.  We relentlessly pursue excellence.

    • Seek continuous improvement

      • Be lifelong learners, professionally and personally

      • Measure performance objectively, tangibly, and often.  Learn from, adjust, and move forward from these assessments in the pursuit of excellence


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