We believe the DreamRoads program will have the following results:

Personal Development

Students take responsibility for their own learning; they become more proactive in managing their path to success

  • Improved self-understanding

  • Improved positive self-concept

  • Improved confidence in relationships and available resources

  • Develop life-long skills used continuously to assess

    • Who Am I?

    • What Do I Want My Life To Be?

    • What Do I Need To Do To Get There?

  • Become intentional students​​

School Relevance

Students understand the connection between what they’re learning---both in and out of school--- and their path to their desired future

  • See school as an “investment” and not a “chore”----a powerful paradigm shift

  • Increased persistence

    • When students see the connection between particular content and themselves it makes it more likely they will persist through tedious work when required

  • Specific goals are routinely set and accomplished


School Success

Students are more likely to go, and to complete school when they see it as meaningful to them and their future

  • Increased intrinsic motivation---the kind required for true learning to occur

  • Increased school attendance and graduation rates

  • Increased credit completion and better GPAs

    • Students are in classes that better match their goals, interests, and cognitive strengths thus they are more likely to succeed

  • Increased engagement 

    • No matter how uninteresting or boring content may seem, once students have determined that the content is worth knowing it will hold their attention and

             engage them




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