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Student Safety Policy



Student Safety Guidelines


To protect the safety of every DreamRoads student DreamRoads staff, independent contractors, and  Personal Success Coaches:

  • Can only meet with students on the site of DreamRoads, LLC or a Partner Organization.

  • Staff, contractors or Coaches may not meet with their students(s) off site unless pre-approved by the DreamRoads Coaching Director

  • Will stay in public view with their student(s) at all times. They will not be together in places where they cannot readily be seen by others (i.e. in rooms without windows;  offices with closed doors; outside in spaces that are not visible by others, etc.)

  • Will never leave an under-age student (under 18) unattended, or alone with any person who is not a staff  member, contractor, or Coach of DreamRoads,  an employee of the Partner 

       Organization, or the child’s parent/legal guardian.

4.   Will not transport any student in a personal vehicle.

  • Will respect the personal boundaries of each student, and will expressly avoid any inappropriate physical conduct (i.e. backrubs, sitting in laps, wrestling, etc.)

  • Will never use corporal punishment, or any verbally and/or emotionally abusive means of communication or discipline

  • Will not have a weapon in the presence of any student

  • Will not use alcohol, tobacco, or illegal drugs in the presence of any student


Abuse and Neglect


Abuse and neglect can be physical or emotional, visible or invisible.


If a DreamRaods staff member, contractor, or Coach sees any signs of abuse or neglect, or if a student discloses that he/she is being abused or mistreated in any way, you must:

  • Stay calm and listen.  Staying calm will help the student stay calm.  Listening carefully and taking the student seriously will help him/her feel safer and more comfortable.  

  • Tell your student “I have to help keep you safe, therefore I will need to tell the DreamRoads staff or the Partner Organization’s staff.  Would you like to come with me and talk to (name) together?”

  • Immediately report what you have seen and/or heard to the appropriate Partner Organization’s staff member and/or  to the DreamRoads Coaching Director.  

  • Document the incident---what you saw/heard; who you told; actions taken; etc.


If you suspect or have any concerns for a student's safety, immediately discuss these concerns with the appropriate Partner Organization’s staff if applicable and with the DreamRoads Coaching Director.  


Err on the side of caution -- speak up if you have any concerns. ​